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Frequently Asked Questions


Rescue dogs: a fee to cover vet bills incurred by the rescue and lots of love and understanding.
QUALITY  breeder show quality dog: $1,500 to $2,000 or more.
QUALITY  breeder, pet quality dog: $800 to $1,500
"Backyard" breeder", unknown quality dog: $400 to $800.


Rescue Dogs are a wonderful way to acquire an American Bulldog. If your love for dogs and American Bulldogs is great, you should definitely register yourself with the local American Bulldog rescue. You may have to be very patient since there is no schedule for American Bulldog rescues,  and you may need to invest extra love in your rescue if it has special needs. Please beware if you have other pets at home or children, rescue American Bulldogs may not be compatible with everyone in your family.




Show Quality Dogs are the best puppies in a breeder's litter. The puppy exhibits great potential to achieve its championship if someone invests the time, money, and energy to 'finish' it.

If you choose a Show Quality Dog and intend to show it to its championship, you cannot spay or neuter the dog. Dogs in competition must be in-tact. If you choose this option, a responsible breeder is very likely to ask you to co-own the dog. This is a good sign. This means the breeder is trying to preserve its bloodlines and discourage sub-standard breeding. Co-ownership means that one person cannot register the dog's litters or offspring, two people must sign and register the litter, you and the breeder. If you have the dog spayed or neutered, the co-ownership is usually immediately terminated.

Pet Quality Dogs are the other puppies in a breeder's litter. Pet dogs are often missing one or more traits that ensure its championship. Ask the breeder why the puppy is considered a pet.  Pet Quality Dogs almost always require spay or neutering within the 1st year of ownership. This means the breeder does not want to continue the traits of this dog in its kennel and is happy to sell the puppy to you.

The price of Show Quality Dogs and Pet Quality Dogs is often determined by the dog's pedigree. If both of the dog's parents were champions, the puppies will be more expensive than if only one parent were a champion, and four champion grandparents are better than three.



Mostly, yes. No dog should be unsupervised around infants and toddlers who poke and pull them.


AB's are for the most part instinctively attracted to childern and will bond quickly. They are a big dog, so they will need to be taught boundaries.



Sometimes. American Bulldogs are a dominant breed and when you have two of like sex, they will try to establish their role as the leader. It's best to have a male/female pair. ABs need strong leadership and need to be taught manners and boundaries as they are a large animal.

Most pet integrations are naturally minimized if the new dog is a puppy. If it is not a puppy, carefully evaluate your home and its members, and your ability to train and coach the entire family.

If you have other pets, try to arrange a meet-&-greet with the new AB and your family. Nose-to-nose. A responsible breeder will not refuse to help you. A responsible breeder will do everything they can to ensure their American Bulldog finds the perfect home.

Some responsible breeders may exclude you from buying one of their American Bulldogs because of your family, children, and pets. Do not be insulted. The breeder actually does know best.


 They snore.

 They have frequent gas.
 They can overheat VERY easily! THIS CANNOT BE OVERSTATED.
 They can be dominant/bossy with other dogs, especially in their home.

 They can become overly hesitant and weary with strangers if not socialize properly.



Responsible breeders focus is on reproducing the positive health and character traits of the breed and its bloodlines. Their motivation is love of the breed.

Many responsible breeders offer a health guarantee of some sort for their dogs. You should ALWAYS ask for a health guarantee. American Bulldogs should come with a health guarantee in writing.  Would you buy a $2,000 kick-ass TV and not expect to receive a product guarantee of some sort?

Many responsible breeders also encourage (or insist) that you return your American Bulldog to them for ANY reason if you cannot care for it. You may not get any money back unless it is a puppy, but rest assured your American Bulldog will have a loving home.

A good breeder will share plenty of info about their kennel and breeding practices. A good breeder will share its puppies' Sire and Dam pedigrees. If your American Bulldog's bloodlines had hip problems in the past, your breeder will know if your new puppy is prone to similar traits.



1. RESEARCH.  The ABRA & NKC are good places to start. Read their written Standards. Most responsible breeders will try to breed and produce within that standard.

2. Firmly decide that an American Bulldog is right for you and your household. Evaluate your lifestyle, work habits, travel schedule, and house-mates.

3. Go to a dog show near you.  Meet breeders, handlers, and lovers of American Bulldogs to gather information.

4. Speak with American Bulldog breeders by phone and in person. Most responsible breeders will blow you off if they believe you are not serious or committed to this decision. Be prepared.

Responsible American Bulldog breeders receive TONS of daily phone calls and email inquiries about litters and puppies. It may seem snobbish, but their scrutiny often avoids unfortunate circumstances with poorly prepared owners.

5. You may be required to pay a deposit for a future litter or puppy.

6. Visit the breeder"s kennel. You are a fool to purchase an American Bulldog without witnessing how it is raised and socialized.






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