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Deposits refer to funds advanced by a buyer as a guarantee that a promise or agreement will be fulfilled and/or that Warrior American Bulldogs will hold a specific pick in the litter for the buyer. A deposit is usually given in good faith and accepted in good faith as well. If you do your homework before committing to purchase a puppy from us, then the deposit is a sign of your trust in us and the quality of the puppies we produce. At the same time, the acceptance of your deposit indicates our approval of you as a home for one of our puppies.  Deposits help us keep track of how many puppies from a litter are spoken for and, in a show of intent, they indicate your seriousness and commitment to getting a puppy from us. Once a deposit is received, Warrior American Bulldogs agrees not to sell your pick puppy to anyone else nor to take other reservations for your pick puppy from a particular litter. Your deposit is your promise to purchase the puppy from Warrior American Bulldogs and not to go to anyone else for a puppy in the mean time.


We require a deposit of $500.00 and it is NON-REFUNDABLE unless agreed to before hand. Deposits will be transferred over to the next breeding.

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